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In today’s dog training world, a range of training philosophies and methodological approaches exist. One commonly used delineation is between trainers who self-identify as reward-based (non-aversive methods) and those who identify as balanced (use some or all aversive methods). The challenge falls to pet owners and other professionals to differentiate among trainers based upon the information that is available to them. For this reason, the words that are used to describe training methods are important. To date, there has been little analysis of whether or not the specific words and phrases trainers use reliably differentiate the type of training methodology practiced. In this unique and timely webinar, Anamarie discusses her research with the Canine Science Collaboratory that examined US dog trainers' training philosophy descriptions (and word use). Her recently published study focuses on the differences between reward-based and balanced trainers as well as influencing factors such as the trainer’s gender and level of professional experience. Join us to learn more about how the words that trainers use may be perceived and, if you are a trainer, how to best represent your methods to prospective clients.

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Anamarie Johnson

Anamarie Johnson MA, CBCC-KA is a Graduate Student with Arizona State University's Canine Science Collaboratory. Anamarie comes to the canine lab after working for a number of years in the animal shelter and dog training world. She graduated in 2011 from University of California with a double major in Science and Technology Studies and Evolutionary Anthropology. She then received her MA from Hunter College in Applied Animal Behavior and Conservation investigating attachment behavior in shelter dogs. For her graduate research, she is interested in human-dog interactions particularly investigating choice in dog training methods.

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