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An on-demand webinar for veterinary health professionals, trainers, nutritionists, pet industry professionals and dog owners. Enjoy the opportunity to chat with the presenter and ask questions. Learn about the importance of the gut microbiome for long-term health and how a dog's diet influences gut health. 

About "Bugs or Bust"

In this webinar, Dr. Stephanie Clark discusses the canine microbiome. With an ever-growing concern for our dog’s health, the gut microbiome is becoming a popular topic for pet owners and pet professionals. But have you ever wondered what it all means? In this webinar, Dr. Clark will discuss the difference between pre-, pro-, and postbiotics, the impact they have on your dog’s health, and how to identify these different compounds in a product's ingredient list so that you can make the best nutritional decisions for your dog. Additionally, we will dive deeper into evidence-based connections between the gut microbiome and other organ functions, such as skin, brain, and kidney!

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Stephanie Clark

Stephanie Clark is a board-certified companion animal nutritionist through the American College of Animal Science and a board-certified animal technologist through the state of Illinois. Dr. Clark also has a certificate as a food scientist and is sitting for the veterinary technician specialty board for nutrition in 2023. Dr. Clark has a PhD in animal science focusing on companion animal nutrition and the microbiome. She completed her post-doctoral studies with therapy dogs at Mayo Clinic and was awarded the first grant to support animal welfare research. Currently, Dr. Clark is the Assistant Director of Special Services at BSM Partners, a group she started that focuses on combining research, nutrition, and formulation. In Dr. Clark’s free time, she enjoys running, crocheting, gardening, and hiking with her husband and daughter. Dr. Clark has two dogs, Gracie Lou Freebush and Anny, that have traveled with her across 5 states in 8 years throughout her educational journey.

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