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Can you hear that? Are you listening? Many scientists try to make sense of the sounds and noises of the world. Yet surprisingly few turn their curiosity to the audible exchanges between dogs and their people – especially during play. This webinar will introduce the basics of animal bioacoustics (sounds produced by and affecting living organisms), with a focus on the domestic dog. We will then review research on a unique sound made by our dogs during play - the canine play-pant. By applying existing knowledge and seeking to ask better questions, Dr. Volsche discusses how professionals might uncover the untapped potential of this nonverbal communication for both training and our dogs’ welfare. Join us for this entertaining and interactive webinar to learn how to best interpret your own dog’s play vocalizations and to hear the latest research regarding canine play!

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    Webinar: And Then the Dog Said....LOL

    • Meet Dr. Shelly Volsche!

    • Webinar: And Then the Dog Said...LOL

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    • Additional Webinar Materials: Volsche et al. (2022)

    • Additional Webinar Materials: Volsche et al. (2023)

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Shelly Volsche, PhD, CPDT-KA

Shelly Volsche is an Assistant Professor at University of Wisconsin – River Falls, where she teaches courses on companion animal training and behavior and the role of pets in our world, while overseeing numerous hands-on learning opportunities for students. Inspired by our ever-changing relationships with nonhuman animals, particularly dogs, she looks at proximate and ultimate factors and how they can be applied in training and welfare settings. Her recent work investigates dog-human play and the potential for nonverbal communication to enhance the bond. She is a member of many academic and professional organizations including the International Society of Applied Ethology and the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. During her off time, Volsche can be found roaming with her husband and their dog, Lucy, or playing video games – especially those that include positive portrayals of the human-animal bond.

Listen, Learn, and Discuss

An on-demand webinar for dog trainers, behaviorists, shelter & rescue professionals, veterinarians and technicians, pet industry professionals and all who care for and love dogs. Learn about the latest research examining canine play, with special attention to the communication signals that dogs use when they play with others. As with all Science Dog Courses, enjoy the opportunity to chat with the presenter and ask questions.