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    Explore all of the latest evidence-based approaches to raising, training and enjoying puppies during their first year of life!

  • Dog-Centered Training

    Expand your understanding of dogs and their needs through a dog-centric approach to canine behavior and training.

  • Expert Instruction & Discussions

    Interactive class taught by renowned dog trainer, Dale Ward, author of the award-winning book, "Raising the Worst Dog Ever"!


This course is designed for trainers, behavior consultants, shelter/rescue staff and volunteers, pet industry professionals and dog owners who wish to learn more about raising and training a well-adjusted and happy puppy.

  • Twelve sections cover the evolution of training, reward-based training methods, how to best provide for all of a puppy's needs, and communicating effectively with clients and students about good puppy care

  • Learn about teaching methods and communication tips that will help trainers to provide successful and enjoyable lessons to private and group-class clients

  • Video lectures, readings, discussions and knowledge checks keep material interesting and support students with different learning styles

  • Unlimited 6-month access to this completely self-paced course, plus Q/A and discussion sessions with the instructor and other students

  • Students who complete the course receive a certificate of achievement to help pet professionals advance their careers and to market their knowledge to clients

Puppies Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

  • 2

    The Evolution of Dog Training: Wow, Have We Come a Long Way!

    • The Evolution of Dog Training: Wow, Have We Come a Long Way!

    • Additional Reading - "The Beep is Not Innocuous"

    • Additional Reading 2 - Electronic Pet Fences: What You Need to Know

    • Evolution of Dog Training Checkpoint

  • 3

    Managing Expectations: Reality versus The Magic Wand

    • Managing Expectations: Reality versus The Magic Wand

    • Expectations Checkpoint

  • 4

    Language: The Power of Words

    • Language: The Power of Words

    • Additional Reading - Labeling Theory: How Do the Labels We Use Change our Reality?

    • Word Power Checkpoint

  • 5

    Dog-Directed Speech: What IS that?

    • Dog-Directed Speech: What IS that?

    • Study - "Who's a Good Boy?!" Dogs Prefer Naturalistic Dog-Directed Speech

    • DDS Knowledge Checkpoint

  • 6

    Fear: What All Dog Owners Need to Know

    • Fear: What All Dog Owners Need to Know

    • Study - Prevalence, Comorbidity, and Behavioral Variation in Canine Anxiety

    • Study - Effectiveness of Treatments for Firework Fears in Dogs

    • Fear Checkpoint

  • 7

    Socialization: Enough or Too Much?

    • Socialization: Enough or Too Much?

    • Socialization Checkpoint

  • 8

    Flooding: The Deluge of Good Intentions

    • Flooding: The Deluge of Good Intentions

    • Flooding Checkpoint

  • 9

    Analogies: Everyone Loves a Good Story

    • Analogies: Everyone Loves a Good Story

    • Additional Reading - Storytelling in Teaching and Learning

    • Analogy Checkpoint

  • 10

    Desensitization & Counter Conditioning: Mountains to Molehills

    • Desensitization & Counterconditioning: Mountains to Molehills

    • D&CC Checkpoint

  • 11

    Sleep: The Sleep-Deprived Puppy

    • Sleep: The Sleep-Deprived Puppy

    • Study - EEG Transients in the Sigma Range During non-REM Sleep Predict Learning in Dogs

    • Sleep Checkpoint

  • 12

    Enrichment: The Fun Stuff!

    • Enrichment: The Fun Stuff!

    • Additional Reading - Implementing Environmental Enrichment for Dogs

    • Study - Effects of Environmental Enrichment on Dog Behaviour: Pilot Study

    • Fun Stuff Checkpoint

  • 13

    Q/A and Discussion

    • Q/A and Discussion

  • 14

    And In Conclusion...

    • And In Conclusion...

    • Before you go...

  • 15

    Additional Resources

    • More Resources for You...

Your Course Instructor


Dale Ward

Originally from Ottawa, Canada, Dale M. Ward is the Owner/Trainer at Dale’s Dog Training Academy LLC. She is the award-winning author of “Raising the Worst Dog Ever: A Survival Guide,” 2020 winner of the Dog Writers Association of America Maxwell Award in the category of Best Book, Human/Animal Bond. She has been working with dogs for approximately 15 years and is a Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Trainer (VSPDT), a Fear Free Certified Dog Trainer and Veterinary Professional, and a Certified Animal Trainer under ICAN (International Companion Animal Network). She is also a contributor to the Positively Expert Blog as well as a noted presenter on a variety of topics. She has appeared on many dog-related podcasts and radio shows and has been interviewed for international publications. She currently lives in northeast North Carolina with her husband Tim and their black Labrador retriever named Rhubarb.

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